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Driving better decisions with Cox Automotive data

Our unique solution provides you with actionable alerts on pricing, imagery, search visibility and days in stock, making it easy for you to take action to improve your market positioning both regionally and nationally. With actionable insight sent straight to your device, you can make smart decisions backed by market data.

At Cox Automotive, we understand how data can fuel great motor dealer decisions. That’s why we’ve channelled insights from all our key brands to make a powerful platform for business intelligence.

Our data is available unfiltered and ready-to-use, which means you can access the information you need, and integrate it directly with your systems in a way that suits you. Whether you want specific pricing information or a single piece of analysis, we’ve got insight that works however your business works.

There are two ways to access Stock Insight data

If you're a client (or become one) you can benefit from access to the powerful Stock Insight platform itself - using our intuitive dashboard, actionable alerts and competitor benchmarking to help inform your dealer decision-making. 

Alternatively if you simply want to connect our data into your own systems then you can do that through our API integration. Find out more here.

Two choices. Same data. Both give you the competitive edge.

Key Benefits

Save time

Access information all in one place, with scores and alerts that show you how to take action straight away

Sell vehicles faster

Keep track of your vehicles, see which ones are in demand, and learn how to increase your selling power

Increase margin

Understand where to price your vehicle competitively in the market, and stop leaving money on the table

Benchmark your dealership

Our unique benchmarking tool allows you to see how you compare against the market. Measure your performance both within your dealer group and against the competition, with alerts sent straight to your device to enable smarter decisions.

Actionable alerts

Alerts and insights you can act on to effectively improve sales and increase stock turn. Receive notifications on pricing, imagery, search visibility, days in stock and market demands, so you know exactly what how to boost business.

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Helping you make smarter business decisions

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What can we help you with? Whether it's tools, data or consultancy you're looking for - we're the experts. Get in touch today and see how we can help.