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Powered by accurate and impartial valuations

Advance is an industry-leading automated appraisal system, providing accurate valuations to help dealers maximise retail opportunities.

Backed by comprehensive Cox Automotive Data and brought to you by Manheim, our expert vehicle auction and remarketing brand, Seller Advance is the smart way to trade your part exchange vehicles.

Our flexible system allows you to view activity across your showroom, capturing part-exchange data and images, and enabling you to give every customer a consistent, transparent experience. With an accuracy of more than 98%, Seller Advance enables your team to offer the most competitive part-exchange prices with confidence.

Key Benefits

Accurate valuations

Free up cash flow with 98% accurate valuations based on extensive market research

Positive experience

Agree prices, receive upfront payments, and stay in the know at every stage of delivery

Cash flow

Access your profit straight away, with your cash advance sent within 24 hours


Our easy-to-use system helps you collate accurate information for a realistic trade price, minimising risk and maximising retail opportunities.


Accurate part-exchange valuations rely on clear vehicle images, and our Image Capture tool simplifies the process for you. We provide up to 20 high-quality digital images to show each vehicle type, specification, colour and trim, plus evidence of any damage or wear and tear, meaning greater visibility and an easy, realistic valuation process.


Our team of valuation specialists researches multiple routes to market, adjusting prices every week to ensure the most up to date, accurate valuations. We support dealers seven days a week, valuing anything within 15 minutes.


Our market-leading, 98% valuation accuracy allows your team to offer the most competitive and profitable part-exchange prices, and negotiate sales with total confidence. We think it’s the smartest and most essential used-car valuation service on the market, and our dealers agree.


Identify part-exchanges with retail appeal, and push them straight to the forecourt to optimise your prices and stay competitive.

We’ll reconcile the balance and return the profits to you after the sale, allowing you to maximise your cash flow and free up space on your forecourt for the cars you really want to sell.


We’re so confident in the accuracy of our valuations that we offer optional upfront funding before the vehicle is offered for sale, freeing up cash flow to support your business.

We can arrange a BACS cash advance into your bank account the day after the vehicle arrives onsite at one of our auction centres, and after the vehicle is sold, we’ll settle up any difference between the valuation and final auction sale price.

Manheim Seller Advance

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